August 24, 2007

goverment targets the children

We all know the perverse effects of government targets but how about this:

Record numbers of young children are being taken from their parents and adopted - sometimes unjustly - to meet government targets, it is claimed today.

Each year some 1,300 babies under a month old are placed in care before adoption, compared with 500 when the Government came to power, BBC Radio 4’s Face the Facts claims today.

Are we really to believe that people have become almost 3 times worse at brining up their children thanks to the influence of New Labour? As much as I hate the authoritarian cunts that stretches credulity to breaking point. Adoption is almost as good in outcomes as being with the birth parents, but if they aren't lucky enough to get adopted a life of state 'care' or fostering leads to a far far worse life that being with the birth parents.


Blogger MatGB said...

I had that on today, it was very worrying, some of the cases were just WRONG, no doubt about it at all--if you get a chance, see if it's on Listen Again.

The targets were introduced in order to try to drive an improvement in teen adoptions, instead to meet the targets they're pulling out much-easier-to-adopt babies. Wrong, damnit!

9:15 pm  

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